What's up in Waterloo

Technically Inclined

Waterloo is widely considered to be the "Tech Capital" of Canada, or Silicon Valley North because of our large, well nurtured Tech sector. This relatively small, but vibrant community has given rise to some of the most innovative, world renowned companies. 

Higher Learning

With two major universities, and a top rated technical college, Waterloo boasts a large community of young and highly educated people. The University of Waterloo, in particular is regarded as one of the best schools in the world for computer science, and for engineering, attracting students from around the globe. 

I Love The Nightlife

when the young, diverse population need a break from work and studies, the Uptown Waterloo Loop delivers. With a wide variety of night clubs, pubs, and spectacular restaurants, it's always a good time in Waterloo. 

Beautiful Parks & Heritage

Waterloo and surrounding area is home to many beautiful parks, neighbourhoods, and scenic boulevards. It's also home to one of the largest Mennonite communities in Canada, and the St. Jacobs farmers market is a must see, delicious destination!